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Christmas Tree Farm barn Conversion
Christmas Tree Farm barn Conversion

JFL Construct  Services

Barn Conversions, Basement Construction & Underpinning, General Groundworks & Drainage, Extensions, Driveways, Patios & Fencing in North London and the associated Home Counties

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Barn Conversions

We also specialise in Barn Conversations and have recently completed several sizeable barn conversations overcoming significant planning and engineering challenges, to product a high-quality end product for our clients. Changing a barn over from its agricultural use to residential use generally requires significant changes to the integrity of the barn. Also, if the structure is of historic value, any changes must satisfy heritage requirements. We deal with all aspects of the barn conversion including any modifications to existing foundations and structural strengthening of the superstructure, which are common requirements with this type of project. Notable barn conversions include Bucks Hill Farm and The Christmas Tree Farm

New barn conversion collage



Basement Construction & Underpinning 

The construction of basements in domestic dwellings in Greater London and the Southeast of England is becoming more practical due to the increased number of restricted sites because of increased demand for land. We also specialise in the construction of basements for domestic dwellings.  We have extensive experience in the successfully execution of a wide range of Traditional and Pier-and-Beam underpinning solutions on properties in Greater London area and the Home Counties and have an extensive working knowledge of the various types of ground conditions commonly encountered in these locations. Our primary objectives with this type of work are to get the job done quickly and effectively to a high standard of quality to minimise disruption to our clients, while at the same time ensuring that our work processes are carefully managed and tightly controlled to mitigate/eliminate the extent of ground movement, and the associated risk of damage to the original property and to any adjacent properties. 

basement under construction

Groundworks & Drainage

JFL Construct offer a range of services relating to groundworks and drainage installation as part of the initial project implementation stages of domestic and civil engineering construction projects.


Our groundwork service includes all preparations to the sub-surface before the start of your construction projects. Groundwork can also include the laying of pipes and cabling.


We specialise in undertaking groundworks in very difficult and constrained site conditions with difficult access.


  • Reinforced concrete ground beams and slabs

  • Reinforced concrete raft foundations

  • Building trench fill, strip and pad foundations

  • General groundworks and drainage

Before and after groundworks


We can add some extra space to your property with our extensions and renovations services. Whether you are looking for an extra bedroom, office space, or even a home gym, an extension could be the answer. We have a team that are highly trained to carry out basement conversions, loft conversions, and extensions. Know that your project is in safe hands from conception to completion.

House with scaffolding

Driveways, Patios & Fencing

JFL Construct is on hand to enhance the look of the exterior of your property. Our services include laying various types of paving together the installation of both bespoke, decorative fencing, and standard fences for domestic, industrial, and agricultural settings.

brand new fencing and paving
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